Choice activities with like minds"!

We also did more Drama - finishing off from last time.
The children have heard scary noises outside ... they have plans for what they want to do, but we think that mum and dad would have something to say about their plans!

These people are asking interesting questions as well as making comments about the things our actors are saying.

Debating here we come!


More thinking, talking and listening!


Oral Language sessions - talking and listening closely to each other on a range of topics.

We began our Oral Language Tag by watching and discussing the Lorax.

We then each shared our opinions about  who was right and what could have been done differently.
The next two session we had a talk show where we invited... you guessed it... the Lorax and the Oncler to discuss why they did what they did and if there was anything they would change if they could.

Our TV Hosts got us to ask the questions we had always wanted to ask of these Characters and they answered in roll. This is called Hot Seating and is a common Drama Technique.

We found our many things we had not known before from talking with these characters in person.

We have discussed many ethical questions and have had to back our opinions with our reasons.
Should it be ok to smack naughty children?
Should you give your friend the answer in a test?
Should there be separate areas for boys and girls to play in?
Who would be best to go to schools if only one gender could go and why?

We would try to get the others to change their minds…